Transmission and Power Lines

Idaho Power has more than 4,800 miles of high-voltage transmission lines across its service area. Transmission lines move electricity more efficiently than lower voltage distribution lines, which deliver power directly to customers. Our transmission lines are typically 138,000, 230,000, or 345,000 volts.

Transmission Planning


我们的电工实习输电线路是“高速公路icity.” They allow energy to move from power plants to substations, where their voltage is reduced for delivery to customers, or from one substation to another.

Our planning engineers monitor customer growth and how much energy those customers need. They work with community advisory groups to develop计划以确保可靠的服务。这些计划包括在哪里建立像电力线路和变电站设施的建议。我们邀请您参加这些计划。


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When there’s space available on a transmission line, we can transmit electricity for other companies. Transmission space on Idaho Power’s system may be requested only over Idaho Power’sOpen Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS)。Idaho Power’s OASIS site provides additional information about transmission services, including information about Available Transfer Capability, Idaho Power’s OATT and associated rules, standards, and business practices, and Idaho Power’s implementation of FERC’s Standards of Conduct. All requests for transmission service must be made on OASIS.

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Does Idaho Power Install Power Lines Underground?

Idaho Power usually installs transmission lines above ground (also called overhead lines). This is typically the most cost-effective method for customers.




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